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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the netting last?

     A. There are a few conditions to consider when looking at the life expectancy of the hay net.

         1. The number of horses eating from each hay feeder.

         2. The texture of the hay you are feeding, long and stemy or short and supple.

         3. Very aggressive horses or quiet and docile.

The average net last from 24 – 36 months.


Q. Does weather conditions play a role in the life of the netting?

     A. No, the netting is made from a very high grade UV resistant nylon material.


Q. If a replacement net is needed, is it hard to replace the old netting?

     A. No, the replacement netting is sent with all the needed hardware to attach it to the lifting ring. Simply remove all the old fasteners and remove the netting. Position the new netting in the base of the feeder and align the indicated corners with the corners of the feeder. Then reapply with new fasteners and tighten the rope.



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